Cold-calling people is nerve-wracking!

I feel as though I’m being super-intrusive when I contact people that I haven’t spoken to in a long time. I feel as though I’m being super-intrusive when I try to pitch something to people that haven’t asked for said thing. ‘Tis the same feeling when it comes to selling my novel. I feel as though I’m being an obnoxious asshole.

But I need to spread the word. How does an extreme introvert spread the word? For that matter, how does an extreme introvert keep blogging when talking to people is such hard work?

Okay, I’m being just  a little disingenuous here. Talking to people about my personal life is hard work. I can talk all day about science and geeky stuff. Ask me who’d prevail in a fight between Superman and the Hulk? You’ll get a very detailed answer. Ask me how to determine when a mouse is sad? I’ll regale you with anecdotal wisdom (and the mouse grimace scale).  Ask me how I’m doing? You’ll get, “Fine.”

When it comes to selling myself, I can state facts. I’m good at this, this, and this, and here is the proof. I can blind you with my brilliance or bedazzle you with my bullshit (because my bullshit sounds plausible). Frankly, the pursuit of any job is entirely self-serving, but pitching my book to people whom I’ve scarcely spoken to in years or never spoken to at all feels almost illicit. Sigh. I guess that’s the whole “prostitute themselves” thing.

Well, I guess I’m going to start prostituting myself.

Tomorrow. I need to re-energize first.




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