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If your aim is to read an African Novel that has garnered awards and recognition from different parts of the world, then I'm the Writer for you. This novel won the North Carolina Indie Author Award in the Adult Fiction category.

Afrocentric Characters

My books chronicles the Unique history of Africa through legends like the Warrior Queen of the ancient Hausa people, the Queen of Zazzau. Dive into its pages and meet the ruthless unifier of Nupeland, Etsu Nupe Tsoede, and the renowned ruler of the Kanem-Bornu Empire, the great Mai Idris Aloma.

Diversified Content

To ensure you don't miss out on thrilling Afrocentric stories, I have partnered with different writers to chronicle the diaspora's narrative through various fantasy subgenres. When you read my books, you enter a world of exploration through the eyes of the African diaspora.

My Books

My books are based on characters that are you can easily relate with.

Queen Of Zazzau.

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For decades, the Africa story was overshadowed by its European counterparts. However, my books are shifting that paradigm. I’m making significant changes and want you to be part of my Afrocentric movement. Grab one of my novels today, and let’s dive together into Africa’s unique and rich culture

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I first learned of Queen Amina during History class in Nigeria and got the idea to bring her to life when, as an adult, I realized that many of the Americans I met truly believed that Africa was uncivilized before Europeans. I wrote Queen of Zazzau to show people that Sub-Saharan Africa has a complex history filled with rich cultures, thriving cities, learned civilizations, and complex governments.

An African, Telling the African Story

I was born and raised in Nigeria, W. Africa, and moved to the US as a teenager. My alter ego is a veterinarian, a mother of four, and a grandmother of three. For the most part, my writing draws upon the spiritual beliefs, cultures, and oral traditions of my native land. My writing has appeared in short story anthologies, including AfroMyth: A Fantasy Collection. 

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