5 Fascinating Facts About Queen Amina Of Zazzau.

In a patriarchal world dominated fiercely by ruthless men, A few powerful and equally ruthless women have proven that whatever a man can do, a woman can do ten times better! One such woman is Queen Amina of Zaria, from the ancient Hausa kingdom of Zazzau.

Here are five fascinating facts that will blow your mind about the Warrior Queen, Amina.

      1. Queen Amina Of Zazzau had a younger sister named Zaria:  the modern city of Zaria (Kaduna state) is named after Amina’s sister.
      2. Queen Amina Of Zazzau was named Magajiya (Heir Apparent): She was given this official title, along with forty slaves, at the age of sixteen.
      3. Queen Amina’s beauty attracted powerful men from far and wide:  From an early age, Amina had several suitors, who included the Makaman Zazzau and the king of kano. Surprisingly, many years after she emerged as the queen of Zazzau, Amina waged war against Kano and conquered it.
      4. Queen Amina was a skilled warrior: Amina led her soldiers, which consisted of 20,000-foot soldiers and 1,000 cavalry troops. Unlike many monarchs, Queen Amina led each battle from the frontline. Her military campaigns spanned over thirty-four years, and she subdued large cities like Kano, Nupe, and Kwararafa.  
      5. Queen Amina took a “husband” from each conquered city:  Legend states that Queen Amina took a husband from every city she conquered. However, after their first night together, she killed her new husband to ensure no man ever lived to tell of his romantic experience with her.



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